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Michael Baksa

About Michael - 
Michael Baksa hails from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a region of spectacular beauty stretching 65 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, and home to generations of artists, artisans, and individualists of all stripes. A deep love for the sparkling beauty of this sand- swept land surrounded by the sea, coupled with the influence of talented artists he mentored with there, launched him on a life-long quest to create dazzling, gold and gemstone jewelry. His own individualist nature has guided his creativity for over 40 years, in such a way, that each piece of jewelry is created entirely by his own hand, to his impeccable standards of aesthetics and craftsmanship, and each piece is unique.

"How can I make the same piece again in six months? I am not going to be the same person, and the earth will have offered up something new." Michael Baksa  

Baksa Design - 
Beautiful, bold, and distinct, Baksa Studio Art Jewelry, speaks to those who cherish light-filled gemstones of infinite variations and inherent beauty. Elegant, sophisticated, and sometimes playful combinations of gemstones, masterfully framed and set in 14k bezel settings, are the hallmark features of Baksa Designs.

Exquisitely Natural - 
Each Baksa creation bears the unmistakable imprint of the artist and his passion. The gemstones drive the design. Yellow beryl is a gift from the sun, lapis a mirror of the midnight sky. The colors of opal are infinite. Releasing the colors in shapes that delight the eye and spirit: this is the essence of Baksa jewelry. The unique potential of the gem itself drives how it is shaped, faceted, and positioned to maximize brilliance. Its destiny is to fit perfectly into an exquisite and unique piece.

"There is no color above the earth that is not also below" ​ Michael Baksa

Versatile - 
Baksa jewelry is unfussy. Each stunning piece can work for the finest occasion and also look perfect with jeans. Elegant and easy, Baksa jewelry makes a statement without ever seeming to try.

Comfortable - 
Extra large earring backs are secure and comfortable. Necklaces, pendants, rings, and bracelets are all smooth to the touch, with no rough edges to catch on clothing.

Cleanly Designed - 
Michael Baksa bezel sets gems in gold to highlight their inherent beauty. Nothing is taken to excess. Each piece is as it must be. What is not there is as important as what is. The stone, the cut, the bezel, and ultimately the piece itself: all this makes for an enduring delight, even to the touch.

Responsibly Mined and Crafted - 
Baksa Jewelry is made with reverence for the earth and its communities. Gemstones are unearthed in the remote corners of the world with care to minimize environmental and social impacts. The use of recycled 14k gold not only prevents pollution from mining, it shines brightly with a minimum of care and is durable enough for everyday wear.
American in Spirit and Style - 
Baksa jewelry is hand-made in America. It is alive with American spirit - self assured ...imaginative ... staunchly independent and bold in a casual way. Baksa jewelry embodies the exuberant spirit and sense of adventure of its Massachusetts-based creator.