Jewelry Care

"As I work on a piece, I often wonder what someone might say about it 100 years from now. I am hoping they will marvel at how well made it is."

Michael Baksa

Gemstones and Gold

Baksa jewelry is handcrafted to the highest standards. Exquisitely beautiful as each piece is, it is sturdy and designed for everyday wear. A few simple care and maintenance steps will help preserve your Baksa jewelry for years, and generations to come. 

Home care is simple:

Simply wipe the surface of the piece with a microfiber cloth intended for gemstone care.

From time to time, a more thorough cleaning may be desired: *

 Prepare a mixture of 1/4 ammonia and 3/4 lukewarm water.

 Add a touch of gentle soap ( such as Ivory liquid dish soap ).

 Dip a small very soft tooth brush in this solution and move the brush gently over the surface of the jewelry and behind the settings. Re-dip the brush occasionally to refresh. Do not immerse the piece in the solution. 

 Rinse the piece in lukewarm water, wipe with a soft cloth and place it on a cloth pad to dry. 

Important: Pearls, Lapis and Turquiose should never be cleaned with this method. See the note about pearls below. 

Baksa Jewelry should never be:

 Placed in an ultrasonic cleaner.

 Exposed to harsh chemicals .

—  Cleaned with a treated polishing cloth.

—  Immersed in water. Many pieces are made with a closed back and are sealed and  meant to stay that way. Immersing them may put the seal at risk.  Jewelry should be removed before bathing or swimming. 

A Note about Baksa Gold

Michael Baksa uses only 14k yellow gold—a precious metal that is classic, sumptuous, warm in tone, and tarnish  proof. It is used to frame, complement, and accentuate the beauty of the gemstones in Baksa jewelry.

Baksa jewelry is fabricated directly from 14k yellow gold, rather than processed by melting and casting. This results in a piece that is much stronger and more durable than a cast piece of jewelry.

The simple maintainence above will help to ensure that your Baksa jewelry stays as beautiful as the day it was made. 


"Pearls want to be worn...."

Unlike gemstones and gold, pearls are formed through an organic process, and they benefit from the humidity they absorb from the air and from the wearer's body. So the first rule of care is to wear your pearls frequently!

A few basic practices will help preserve Baksa pearls:

 After each wearing, wipe pearls with a soft cloth, (micro fiber gemcolth is best,) to remove any residue, (dust, perspiration, etc.), that might have settled on them. Lay the pearls in a compartmentalized jewelry box to minimize the possibilty of being scratched by other jewelry. Pearls are softer than gold. Baksa pearls strands are hand-knotted with silk. They do need to be restrung now and then, depending on how frequently they are worn because silk will stretch over time. If you see any space between the pearls and the knots, or if the ends begin to look frayed, it is time to restring.

Pearls are softer than gemstones and vulnerable to chemicals and extremes of humidity. For this reason:

 Avoid contact with hairspray, cosmetics, body lotion, cleaning products, other jewelry such as chains, and abrasive materials of any sort that might damage the pearls or diminish their luster. 

 Do not store pearls in a vault or security box for long periods without wearing them as this could cause the pearls to gradually dehydrate. 


Michael Baksa stands behind each piece he creates. Baksa jewelry is designed to last and retain its beauty through years and years of wear. In the exceptional case a repair is required, or as is more common, a ring needs sizing, the request is handled through the selling retailer.