Design No. 3193IRAICIT

Irai Citrine 31.93 ct.

 Freshwater Pearls


Baksa Notes

Irai Citrine has a honey golden color. Kunzite in a pale violet pink adds a contrast and enhances the Citrine. Multi-colored Freshwater pearls in gold, pink, white and peach continue the color theme around the neck. An artistic design that is metculously crafted.  Bezel setting with hammered texture frames.

Design Details

GOLD - 14k yellow

GEMSTONE - Irai Citrine, Kunzite

CUT - Cushion-cut pineapple back, Cushion-cut squared, Trillion-cut checkerboard

CARAT -31.93 ct. 10.23 ct. Kunzite, 3.24 ct.

SIZE - 22 mm, 10x13 mm, 10 mm

PEARLS - Multi-colored Freshwater Pearls 13-15 mm


CLASP - Forged hooks

OA LENGTH - 18.5"