Design No.  3463AMECHEV

Chevron Amethyst and White Drusy Quartz


Baksa Notes

Chevron Amethsyt gives evidence as to the crystaline structure as it was forming. As the atoms were knitting together iron atoms were used up by bordering sections leaving the band between clear or white. The angle of the chevron reflects the angle of the overall crystal structure.   Bezel setting, with hammered texture frame.  Matching Earrings

Design Details

 GOLD - 14k yellow

GEMSTONE - Chevron Amethyst and White Drusy Quartz

CUT - Cushion cabochon, Shield cabochon

SIZE - 20x23 mm, 34x38 mm

BAIL - Twin hidden bails 6x11 mm inside

OA DIMENSIONS - length 65 mm