Design No.  20COBALT

Cobalt Calcium, Catseye Moonstone


Baksa Notes

Cobalt Calcium may not be the sexiest gemstone name but nothing can match the saturated pink and sparkle from its drusy surface. Hard to believe that it is absolutely a natural color. The Catseye Moonstone is big and gemmy, with a definite catseye.  Matching earringsBezel setting, with hammered texture frame. 

Design Details

GOLD - 14k yellow

GEMSTONE - Cobalt Calcium, Catseye Moonstone

CUT - Round cabochon

CARAT - 8.28 ct. Moonstone

SIZE - 20 mm, 13.5 mm 

BAIL - Twin hidden bails 9x5 mm inside

OA DIMENSIONS - length 41 mm