Design No.  2132PYRAM

Pyritized Ammolite


Baksa Notes

Gold Pyrite (fools gold) has formed a layer of tiny crystaline cubes over the suface of Ammolite. Pyrite is an iron sulfate and Ammolite is a shell that fell to the ocean bottom millions of years ago and fossilized . A combination of Nature and Earth's interior mystery.  A Free-form Freshwater Pearl is Nature's accent. Bezel setting, with hammered texture frame. 

Design Details

GOLD - 14k yellow

GEMSTONE - Pyritized Ammolite

CUT - Oval cabochon

SIZE - 21x32  mm

PEARL - Free-form Freshwater Pearl 37mm

BAIL - Twin hidden bails 9x5mm inside

OA DIMENSIONS - length 83 mm