Design No.  4286LEMCIT

Lemon Citrine 42.86 ct., Silver-White Topaz 107.56


Baksa Notes

These are both gemstones I cut myself. The Lemon Citrine has wonderful depth due to the high dome cut. Silver -White Topaz reflects whatever is around it and will change color slightly with what is behind it, matching your outfit without trying. Bezel setting, with hammered texture frame. 

Design Details

GOLD - 14k yellow

GEMSTONE - Silver-White Topaz, Lemon Citrine

CUT - Rectangular cushion cabochon, Round cabochon

CARAT - 107.56 ct., 42.86 ct.

SIZE - 22x37 mm, 19 mm

BAIL - Twin hidden bails 7x11mm inside

OA DIMENSIONS - length 63 mm