Design No. 2141APRIDRU

Peach and Apricot Drusy Quartz


Design No. 38SQPEARL

Freshwater Pearls


Design No. 2226HEMI

Hemimorphite and Drusy Quartz


Design No. 5708RUTIL

Rutillated Quartz 57.08 ct. tw.


Design No. 10977TOPAZ

Natural Pale Blue Topaz 109.77ct.


Design No. 4223CACOX

Cacoxenite pendant 42.23 ct.


Design No. 4235CHRYSO

Chrysocolla, Natural Blue topaz


Design No. 1149TURQ

Kingman Mine Turquoise


Design No. 3865CACOX

Cacoxenite 38.65 ct, White Topaz


Design No. 2443SEPT

Citrine 17.26 ct., Septarian


Design No. 4286LEMCIT

Lemon Citrine, Silver-white Topaz


Design No. 1951DRUCORAL

Drusy Fossil Coral, Golden Pearl


Design No. 30PCHDRU

Peach and Mauve Drusy Quartz


Design No. 3009SBTURQ

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 30.09 ct.


Design No. 29CHARDRU

Charcoal Drusy Quartz 29 mm


Design No. 3273LAPIS

Lapis with Gold Pyrite 32.73 ct.


Design No. 4940TOMCHAL

Tomato Chalcedony 49.40 ct.


Design No. 1738APRIDRU

Apricot Drusy Quartz


Design No. 2132PYRAM

Pyritized Ammolite pendant


Design No. 1531PYRAM

Pyritized Ammolite pendant


Design No. 20COBALT

Cobalt Calcium, Catseye Moonstone


Design No. 1350AMMOLITE

Ammolite, Apricot Pearl


Design No. 7891LARIMAR

Larimar, Hemimorphite


Design No. 2628PYRITE

Gold Pyrite and Tourmaline in Quartz


Design No. 2734BLUCHAL

Blue Chalcedony 27.34 ct. 


Design No. 5525RSQTZ

Rose Quartz pendant 55.25 ct.


Design No. 2200CHRYS

Chrysoprase pendant 22.00 ct.


Design No. 4327PERUOPAL

Peruvian Opal  43.27 ct.


Design No. 2744APRIDRU

Apricot Drusy Quartz pendant


Design No. 3285CHRYSO

Chrysocolla and pearl 


Design No. 1231HEMI

Hemimorphite,  Moonstone, Topaz


Design No. 3693NATBLUTOP

Natural Blue Topaz, Aqua Drusy Quartz


Design No. 3463AMECHEV

Amethyst & White Drusy Quartz


Design No. 2024TURQ

Grey Drusy Quartz, Turquoise


Design No. 2248BLKDRU

Black Drusy Quartz pendant


Design No. 2395NATBLUTOP

Natural Blue Topaz, Black Drusy Quartz


Design No. 3218RUTIL

Silver Rutillated Quartz, White Topaz


Design No. 1743TURQ

Turquoise and Drusy Uvarovite


Design No. 35OCNJAS

Ocean Jasper, Tourmaline pendant


Design No. 3925NATBLUTOP

Natural Blue Topaz, Charcoal Drusy Quartz


Design No. 10213SMITH

Smithsonite and Chalcedony pendant


Design No. 6785BIAMETH

Bi-color Amethyst 67.85 ct.


Design No. 2232TURQ

Kingman Mine Turquoise, Drusy


Design No. 4976LAPIS

Lapis pendant 49.76 ct.


Design No. 3642TURQ

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 36.42 ct. 


Design No. 3441TURQ

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pyrited 34.41 ct.