Design No. 1419DRU

Apricot-bronze Drusy Quartz, Golden Pearl


Baksa Notes

This color drusy quartz is hard to nail down as the color depends on what kind of light it is in. The surface is a covered in very fine crystals which gives it a fairytale apperance.  The Golden Freshwater Pearls are fat drop shapes and have amazing luster. Bezel settings, with hammered texture frames. 

Matching Pendant

Design Details

GOLD - 14k yellow

BACKS - Jumbo w/double notched post

GEMSTONE - Apricot-bronze Drusy Quartz

CUT - Pear-shape cabochon

​​​​​​​CARAT - 16.70 ct. tw.

SIZE - 14x19 mm 

PEARLS - Golden Freshwater Pearls 22 mm

OA DIMENSIONS - Length 54  mm