Design No. 1320AMMOLITE

Ammolite 13.20 ct. tw.


Baksa Notes

Ammolite is fossilized sea shell from ammonites. Rarely, but every so often they occur with this kind of color. The idea that something that lived so long ago, has been transformed into such amazing colors, gives me great satifaction in creating this piece.  Matching pendant. Bezel setting, with hammered texture frame. 

Design Details

GOLD - 14k yellow

BACKS - Jumbo w/ double notched post

GEMSTONE - Ammolite

CUT - Pear-cut cabochon

CARAT - 13.20 ct. tw.

SIZE - 13x22  mm

PEARL - Apricot Freshwater Pearl 13-14 mm 

OA DIMENSIONS - length 44 mm