Design No. 89PINKSAPP

Ceylon Pink Sapphire


Baksa Notes

A single Ceylon Pink Sapphire sparkles atop this forged bracelet. The gold is springy from forging so it may be clasped with one hand. To put on; simply open slightly and slide sideways onto the wrist, then squeeze a little, till the bar is over the end of the hooks, push the bar into the hooks and gently pull. To take off; squeeze slightly, till bar moves out of the hooks and nudge the bar up, then slide off the wrist sideways.  Bezel setting.

Design Details

GOLD - 14k yellow

GEMSTONE - Ceylon Pink Sapphire

CUT - Round Brilliant

CARAT - .89 ct.

SIZE - 5.6 mm

WIDTH - 5 mm

OA DIMENSIONS  LENGTH - 6 7/8 inches

CLASP - Forged hooks and bar